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Nanogate Eurogard Systems is a leading global specialist in coating two- and three-dimensional transparent plastics. In association with the Nanogate Group, Nanogate Eurogard Systems offers a wide range of coated 2D and 3D plastic components at its Dutch site in Geldrop for use in construction/buildings, aviation, automobile construction and safety applications.

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The enhanced surfaces are scratchproof, resistant to weathering and chemicals and, if necessary, have increased impact resistance.

Under the N-Glaze® brand, the Nanogate Group offers customers an integrated portfolio for the design, production and enhancement of plastic components with glass-like properties (glazing). With its long-standing experience in two-dimensional applications, Nanogate Eurogard Systems mass-produces N-Glaze® products with a high level of efficiency for international customers.

From noise barriers to architectural design elements to aircraft windows, the N-Glaze® components coated by Nanogate Eurogard Systems today replace conventional glass products in many areas.